Friday, March 12, 2010

Yeah Mika! (Turn cues)

I just had a training session with Mika about 30 minutes ago. I set up two 10" jumps in a straight line, between 15 to 20 feet apart. I started her with one of our start-line routines; having her on the ground beside me and holding her in front of her stifles (knees), then saying in an excited voice, "Ready...set..." as she tenses and then races off ahead when I say "GO!" The first rep, she back-jumped, probably because she wasn't generalizing. (I guess I progressed a bit too fast from one jump to two jumps and from jumping on an angle to jumping straight-on.) The next rep, I only had her do the second jump, and she was great and didn't back-jump. The third and final rep, we did the original exercise again (both jumps), and she didn't back-jump and I stood off to the side where I was supposed to!

We're both starting to get it. :D

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