Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mika's plushy cut

Mika went to the groomer's yesterday for her haircut. The groomer said, "We did something a bit different with Mika today..." and Mika came out with a plushy cut, complete with a bow!



She has almost no beard and shorter eyebrows. I guess the groomer was trying to bring the feminine side out of her.

This one makes me laugh :)

I do prefer the schnauzer cut, but she's still the same Mika!

I just have to trim the bottom of her beard because it's a bit crooked.


  1. I like schnauzer cuts too, but she is awfully cute with what any cut!. Love the bow! How long does a bow stay in when she comes home with bows? Very cute~

  2. oh dear! She looks cute, though. I love my guys in the standard schnauzer cut.

  3. She's so darn cute before AND after! I do like her usual beard, but jeez this is just so cute too. Hehe. That nose shot is hilarious!

  4. She looks like a whole new dog! I do like the shorter body length, but I bet it will take some getting used to on your part!

    was this a new groomer?

  5. Thanks :) Her new look is growing on me, haha, although I'll make sure to ask for the schnauzer cut next time, for sure! but the good thing about Mika is that she looks adorable in anything, lol.

    It was the same groomer we've always had, so we were surprised that they clipped her so differently. When they asked what we'd like done, we said like always, "Whatever you think," expecting that they'd do the schnauzer cut. They think Mika is underweight (I can't really blame them, they're conformation people, different mindset than agility), so they said that they did the plushy cut to make her look more filled out.

  6. She looks like a little teddy bear in the second to last pic.:) Wayy too cute!

  7. I just found your blog on your dogs Mika and Wall-E. They are adorable!
    It was so funny to see Mika looking like a schnauzer, Mika looking like a...?.. cutie and Mika cut short... she is sooo cute.

  8. Mika looks adorable, a great look to start off Spring.