Monday, March 15, 2010


...and the dogs are certainly enjoying it! (As am I!! Observe the grass! Brown, but GRASS.)

Mika and one of her favourite squeaky toys, "Spike." We haven't seen Spike in a while and just recently found him again.

Mika is getting a haircut at the groomer on Wednesday and a good thing, too. She's super shaggy!

Teehee. Mr. Wall-e Crooked-Tooth! (If you enlarge the photo you'll see.) Waiting for me to throw his ball.


  1. Marge has a slightly crooked tooth like that, too. I think it's adorable.

    It's definitely not spring yet, here- I think you can call this "the rainy season" like they have in tropical places!

  2. What a great find-finding Spike-yippie! It sure looks like everyone is enjoying the lack of snow and the promise of green grass coming! The close up of Wall-E really looks like he is smiling-love it!