Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"Wave" and a bit of an agility break

Mika knows how to "Wave" her paw on a hand signal, but not on a verbal yet. Today I spent some time adding the verbal. At the end of our 2 minute session, we got to the point where she could give a lift of the paw on the verbal after a few seconds of thinking. She looked so thoughtful while doing it, too (is this Mika we're talking about?!). What a fun dog!!

I'm giving the dogs a break from agility training until the field opens (soon!). I said before that I was going to give them a month's break in the winter. That only lasted a week :) We do have a trial this weekend, (which I'm definitely looking forward to!) but other than that, no agility for a couple of weeks, hopefully. A break isn't that crucial because even when they do agility daily they're only doing actual running for a max of a couple minutes, if that. We spend a lot more time playing in agility sessions rather than actual agility.


  1. Our field opens in a couple of weeks, too - and I am so excited!

    We've been forced to take a couple of weeks off, too, and I think it was actually good for both of us, since it made me stop worrying so much about it.

  2. yea for breaks, and yea for WAVING!