Friday, March 19, 2010

Wall-e's maturing

On Monday, for the first time, I saw Wall-e kicking up the grass with his back and front paws after he peed. I've never seen him do that before. I've heard that it's mostly male dogs who do this. Then on Wednesday, as Mika was at the groomer's, we went with Wall-e to a big pet store. He tried to mark in the store twice, something else that he's never ever tried. I guess his testosterone is finally kicking in at 21.5 months...uh-oh! :)

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  1. Wall-E is growing up!! My male sheltie is not a big marker but will only mark where a LOT of dogs have marked, and he always tries to mark at the big pet store by the food, one of the only places I REALLY have to watch him ......that has always scared me wondering who else marks there, and are there dogs marking on the FOOD???