Tuesday, March 2, 2010


It's the highlight of the week...the snow is melting!! It's only the second day of March and already I'm seeing some patches of grass! It's SO EXCITING!!

Yeah, I pretty hyped up in spring; I have to say that the beginning of spring is one of my favourite times of year. There's so much anticipating and excitement about the coming year with the dogs. For me, the year only really begins when the snow starts melting!

We went on our first long walk of the year to celebrate. (although I had to cut it a bit shorter than I wanted to because I ran out of treats for Mika. I need treats for her on walks to prevent her from reacting at dogs or barking at people in excitement.) I've taken Wall-e for some long walks this winter when it wasn't really really freezing (Mika couldn't/didn't want to stay out for that long even in mildly freezing weather), but I haven't taken both of the dogs for long walks at the same time since last fall. Did it ever feel good to begin getting back to our old routine!!

Let's just hope we don't get a huge snowstorm...we haven't had a lot of snow this winter and it'd be terrible (for me!) to get it all now!


  1. Some of our snow has melted too but not enough! Mom is so sick of snow - we're not used to it! We can't wait for Spring either!!

  2. I'm not looking forward to the droves of people and increased noise levels we'll experience in the warm weather, but I really can't wait to start being able to do agility outside. So, I guess I'm itching for spring, too.

  3. Our snow is melting too! Yayy! Glad to hear your dogs are doing well. And lets all hope we dont get snow again haha.