Wednesday, July 29, 2009


The 2009 AAC Nationals will officially begin tomorrow! Today is the day that all the competitors are allowed at the NNEP (Nepean National Equestrian Park) where the Nationals will be held. Same place the Regionals were held, which is perfect because I know that Mika will be familar with and comfortable in the environment.

We'll be heading out to the NNEP tomorrow to register. Tomorrow the Pre-Qualifier (for dogs who weren't able to run at Regionals to get a last-minute chance to qualify for Nationals) will be held. since we qualified at Regionals already, we're not running tomorrow, but will probably stay to watch a bit.

We may or may not go on Friday, which is when more Warm-Up Games and Steeplechase
Round #1 and #2 are held. We're not running in any of those -- Mika is already used to the environment so I don't have to do Warm-Up Games this time, and we're not running in Steeplechase because I want to conserve her energy and drive for the 6 runs on Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday is when the real fun starts for us! Like at Regionals, we'll be running in Masters Standard, Jumpers, and Gamblers. Same on Sunday. On Sunday the Steeplechase Final will also be held, which was a lot of fun to watch last year!

I really don't have any goals for Nationals other than to have LOTS of fun. The Regionals was a blast and I'm sure the Nationals will be just as fun! I'm excited to spend a weekend with my Mika doing what we both love best -- agility!

~Nat and Mika


  1. Good luck and have fun. Diana

  2. Thanks! LOL, we will DEFINITELY have fun :D

  3. Good luck and have a lot of fun :o))


  4. Have a great weekend Nat! Look forward to hearing all about it.


  5. what group are you in? I am in group F, and will be there Thursday morning, and Friday morning running warm ups. Hope to meet you sometime this weekend!

  6. You and Mika are going to do great! I know you'll both have a super time. Good news: Walter and I will be joining in the fun - we qualified in the pre-qualifer today :-)