Monday, July 6, 2009

The Sheep

On Saturday, relatives came over and brought this lovely sheep decoration for the backyard:

They put it in the family room so we could bring it in the backyard later, but when Wall-e came into the family room, he walked over to the sheep, stopped five feet away from it, and stared. He wouldn't go any closer to it! I walked over behind the sheep to encourage him to go closer. He leaaaned forward as far as he could go without moving his feet, occasionally jumping back as if startled and then leaaaning forward again! It was the funniest thing! With lots of treats for taking tiny, baby steps to the sheep, he eventually ended up being able to poke the sheep with his nose for a treat.

What did Mika do? Nothing! What did the cat Shadow do? Nothing!

We put the sheep in the backyard later that afternoon. Then yesterday in the backyard, I'd set up a line of three jumps. The sheep was in between jumps 1 and 2, but off to the side so we wouldn't run into it. I didn't even notice the sheep when I was setting up the jumps. I got Wall-e (who was in another area of the backyard next to the fence, chasing kids who were playing road hockey and showing off his leaping skills):

and set him up behind the first jump, preparing to send him over the 3 jumps. I sent him over the first jump and then told him to go over the second jump, but he jumped the first jump and then LEAPED back away from the direction of the sheep, completely startled! I walked over to the sheep so he could see what it was. At first he did that leaning thing again that he'd done when he'd first met the sheep, but then he seemed to remember what it was and walked over and sniffed it.

Mika doesn't seem to mind the scary sheep.

Wall-e posing with his greatest fear! He got up and left after this photo. I didn't force him to stay.

What is this thing that has caused so much fear in the heart of Brave Wall-e?

Why, it's only a harmless sheep decoration.


  1. We love the leaping photo, maybe he could be in the DBA (Dog Basketball Association) staring as the famous Air Wall-e.

    As for the sheep, I have noticed both of mine do similar things with statues. Usually it is a play bow or a bark. They see the shape and don't see it move. If memory serves me correctly something staring at you is not proper doggie manners. The hard stare is probably getting to him.

    Essex & Deacon

  2. What a leap! How high do you think Wall-e can leap? Diana

  3. That scary sheep!!! You just can't be too sure when fake sheep are involved :)

    I can't believe Wall-e's leap! My gosh, that's high!

  4. The problem is that fake sheeps sometimes jumps up and bite innocent shelties in their noses - by instinct Wall-e knows it ;o)))


  5. Marron once went rushing up to a statue of a Dachsund in the waiting room at the vet's office. She sniffed it in all the right "parts" before deciding that this dog wasn't going to reciprocate. What's interesting was that she was sick at the time (covered in hives and feeling punky from a vaccine reaction) and wasn't really interested in anything BUT the statue! She understands Wall-e's uncertainty about this sheep!

  6. Blimey! I am impress with Wall-e's jumping skill!!!