Friday, July 17, 2009

Wall-e and disc

Wall-e loves playing disc, so I've been doing some basic disc with him with the competition disc I bought at Regionals (I forget the exact brand). He prefers his Soft Bite Floppy Disc, but since I've been practicing rollers (rolling the disc on its side), I can't use the soft disc. He still loves the competition disc so it doesn't matter. I've been practicing sending him around behind me, so he races behind my back, and then I throw the roller. I've been getting a lot better at throwing rollers...I really didn't know how before so I just kind of flung the disc at the ground and hoped it would work! I've read several disc articles in the past few weeks though, so now I know that there's an actual technique to it!!

Mika doesn't like disc that much. She'll play with it if I tell her to (ha, she'll do anything if I tell her to), but when I'm playing disc with Wall-e she'll just trot around sniffing, not really interested. She does like tugging on the soft disc though.

I'll probably never compete in disc with Wall-e -- it's just a great way of burning some of his energy (which he has a lot of!).


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  1. My two rarely want to play fetch. Deacon will do about a minute in the morning. They try to get me to play catch us if you can Dad. I don't stand a chance in that game.

    Dog Dad