Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fun at the field

We went to the field today and practiced the 24" high dog walk with both dogs, with the stride regulator above the yellow. Also set up half of a CKC Novice JWW course (but replaced the set of 6 weaves with a jump because Wall-e's weaves aren't yet fully trained). Both dogs were perfect on the dog walk, good dogs! When I tried the sequence with Wall-e he missed the tunnel entry because I got too far ahead, and then missed the rear cross cue because he came running out of the tunnel and wasn't expecting it. Just little green dog things. He got the sequence perfectly the second time though. Mika of course got it perfect the first time, but then again, she's a Nationals dog! :) I can actually say that now, not meaning to brag! ;)

After training, Wall-e got to play with his friend Jasmine, a bichon mix. We let them off leash in the agility field and watched as they raced around and around and around! Wall-e really loved chasing her and even started barking at the end!



  1. Hi Nat-
    THANKS for adding the sidebar. I am looking forward to reading about the teeter, distance, and...sleep?
    Keep up the good blog.

  2. No problem, thanks for suggesting it! LOL, sleep, I think I only have one post about that one! :)

  3. Thanks for the message about which issue of CR - mom rereads all of her issues too!