Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"Backyard Dogs" sequence

So yesterday I set up a sequence from an issue of Clean Run, for Wall-e. (I'm giving Mika a bit of a break before Nationals, which is one and a half weeks away!!) The sequence was great for my small backyard because the sequence was 10 obstacles long, but only needed 3 jumps and 2 tunnels! I substituted a chute for one of the tunnels, since I only have one tunnel, and that's not even really a tunnel -- it's only 3 or 4 feet long.

He did pretty good for the level that he's at, and it was the longest sequence he's ever run. He did slow down after a few reps and trotted a few times...eek. My backyard is so small that all the obstacles are pretty squished together; I guess that's why he started trotting, and he must have been beginning to lose interest...I should keep the same rule I do with Mika, after 2 trys at the sequence, even if we're not getting the sequence right, stop the session. I think the sequence was a bit complicated for him too...I'll make sure to practice only easy sequences for a while.



  1. Which issue of Clean Run was your backyard sequence in?

  2. Hey Nat, I love to read your posts about training. You offer a lot of good thoughts and tips. I was wondering if you would consider showing your list of "lables" on your blog? By clicking on the lable at the bottom of the post, I was able to read all of your "running contact" posts, and this was helpful. Can you show the lables on the sidebar so I could find easy reference to other training tips you have posted?

  3. Hey, go ahead and brag. Youve earned it! Glad you had a good practice. Diana