Sunday, July 12, 2009

Wall-e meets some farm animals

Wall-e got to meet some animals today at an outdoor museum. (Mika couldn't come because there were too many people and if she barked at them she might have spooked the animals.)

Wall-e sees his first mule

I liked this bay mule gelding. I heard that he was new to the place, but he was very gentle and in good shape.

See, he stood still even when young children reached for his face to pet him!

"Any more apples?"

Wall-e sees his first calves

Happy pig

Nose to nose

I LOVE this photo!!! I can't believe that I got the composition perfectly right even while the rooster was behind the wire!! (Click on the photo if you want to see how it really looks.)

Definitely Wall-e's favourite animals that he met today -- the bunnies!


To end off the adventure, Wall-e got to sit in a fire truck!

"Look, look, I'm driving it!"


  1. So fun for you and Wall-e! Addie has met some of these animals... She freaked out when she met my friend's horses, though she was quite a bit younger. She was pretty scared and didn't know what to think of those big animals!

    She loves my rabbit, though. My rabbit grew up with my other dog and is used to dogs, so Addie just treats her like another dog! Biting, playing, rabbit just sits there. I need to get some pics of them, it's adorable.

  2. Looks like a fun day. Great pictures. Diana

  3. Thanks! Wall-e was actually scared of most of the animals too, lol, especially the pigs. He was wagging his tail at the rabbits though!


  4. You are a great photographer Nat-
    It really is neat that Wall-e got to meet all the animals. Looks like he took it all in stide.

  5. Thanks :) I try!

    Wall-e was a brave boy. He was really scared of a pigs at first but eventually, after lots of treats, started to like them!


  6. Hi Mika and Wall-E,

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog - I love to make new friends!

    Wall-E - you look like you had a great day out at the farm! How good of your humans to take you to socialise with things...that's so important for us doggies!

    Am going to enjoy reading your blog and getting to know you!

    Honey the Great Dane

  7. Wonderful pictures Nat!

    I brought one of our girls that had a lot of instinct to a friends farm. When she met the sheep she was overwhelmed...she didn't care for them one bit. She did enjoy horses, as long as they were on the other side of the fence! No experience with Shelties and pigs...:-)