Wednesday, August 5, 2009

2009 AAC Nationals -- Saturday

We had a great time at Nationals, and I got to spend lots of time with my special girl. It felt really great to be able to compete with all of the really talented handlers!

These are short descriptions of Saturday's runs:


I stepped on Mika's paw after directed her over the off-course dog walk (very unclear handling). Thankfully she wasn't affected by my stepping on her paw in the least, and gave me a really nice fast run!


It was hot as we ran this Jumpers course, so she was just a bit slower in some parts (by her standards). I'm surprised that she had a nice burst of speed in one part! I remember that last summer when it was hot she would run a lot slower. What a great dog, it's amazing how much her drive for agility has increased. We got 3 refusals, although one of them I don't think should have been called -- but whatever, it really doesn't matter! (The joys of not having any goals of clean runs or placing -- I honestly didn't care about any mistakes that we made.)


We got some great distance from the weaves in the mini gamble, woot! (Only in one direction.) In the main gamble she was supposed to take the tunnel after the tire, but of course she saw a jump and what did my jump-loving dog do? Take the jump! Whenever there's a choice between a tunnel and a jump, she'll always choose the jump...that's Mika!

I'll write about Sunday's runs as soon as I can.


  1. It is really amazing how you say that Mika's drive for agility has increased so much and that she used to be so slow when it was hot and now she runs fast any way. Your story gives mom lots of hope for us!

    We commented on YouTube, but still, congratulations again on such an awesome job at Nationals!! You and Mika rock!

  2. Yes, there's been a huge difference in Mika! She actually used to be slower than Ricky when we first started agility. Every few months now, I notice a difference in her speed...a result of keeping everything super-positive and fun when I train her! :)


  3. she looks like she is having lots of fun! that standard got a lot of people!

  4. She was having a blast :D You're right, it was a common mistake, doesn't even look that hard on the course map!