Friday, August 14, 2009

Wall-e swimming

Wall-e went for his second swim in the pool today, sporting the spiffy life-jacket that he and Mika share. Mika didn't go in today because 1) she doesn't like the pool, no way! and 2) she has some nasty hot spots on three of her paws and I'm trying to keep them dry. They're healing quickly though, and she should be back to her normal exercise routine by next week.


  1. Swimming??? Water??? There is no way we would go in the water, no way.

    Essex & Deacon

  2. LOL! Wall-e didn't like it the first time he went in, but he didn't mind this time, and by the end I think he might even have been enjoying it! Mika doesn't like the pool (or water in general) at all


  3. Ive been trying to get my shelites to like water took. I should have started sooner, like when Miley was a puppy. Diana

  4. Wall-e is a much better swimmer than me!

  5. You like water Wall-e??? What's wrong with you?????????? :) Even the thought of having to get our paws wet makes us cringe!
    Josh and Jess