Saturday, August 15, 2009

2x2 weaves

At Nationals I bought the Shaping Success book by Susan Garrett, at the Clean Run vendor. it's an awesome book. At the back of the book it has a complete 2x2 (a method of teaching the weaves) guide. I've been wanting to do 2x2 for a while but never had any real references for it. So I've been working through the steps with Wall-e, as channels and WAM's aren't really working for him anymore. We're at the last step that uses 2 poles -- I think it's Step 5.



  1. Cool! I'm totally using 2x2 for my next dog. I love how they learn to do crazy entries right from the start.

  2. Mom has read Shaping Success about four times since Christmas (when she got it) and she loves that book! She'll definitely try 2x2 weaves with her next dog (some day)!

  3. Hey Mika & Wall-E - thanks for coming to visit me!

    My human has heard of the 2x2 method too - she has been thinking of maybe trying that with me coz I'm just useless at weave-poles! hee! hee! (check out this video: but with all our dancing, there isn't really much time to do Agility stuff! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane