Monday, August 24, 2009

Mika and Wall-e agility training Aug. 17 to 22

Some of their agility training from the past week. (You'll see that I'm trying a new running contact method with Wall-e to encourage him to hit lower in the contact.) They're both doing amazing, and I'm especially impressed at Mika's weaves!! :D

Also, Wall-e is getting herding instinct tested on Thursday!


  1. cute video. mika is a great little weaver! very cute.

  2. Mika looked extra speedy in that video. Her dogwalk was so fast it looked like she was running straight for a steak or something, but no, there was no bait. And yeah she looks even faster in her weaves than normal. She sure had fun, and Wall-e too of course!

  3. Thanks! Mika is getting faster and faster, she's amazing!


  4. Wow! You guys are just AWESOME!!!! I'm so impressed! Mika - you look so tiny on that course and yet you move so fast!

    Hey - I just tried Agility for the last time last week and it was loads of fun! I'm going to post about it soon! :-) It was also a bit hard though because the equipment is just really too small for me...I mean, can you imagine me trying to even fit into those tunnels, never mind moving fast through them?? :-)

    Honey the Great Dane