Saturday, May 2, 2009

Regionals and Wall-e's Running contacts

It's MAY already!! Eek! That means Regionals are coming up quickly! Less than a month. The first day of Regionals is Friday May 29, where we will do the Warm-Up Games, and on Saturday and Sunday (the 30th and 31st) we'll run the actual Masters Standard, Jumpers, and Gamblers courses (two each, one of each on Saturday and one of each on Sunday). What we really have to work on now is staying on course and not taking off-courses. That's what Mika will be practicing every time we go to the field (3 to 4 times a week), until Regionals. Yesterday we practiced choosing the un-obvious tunnel entrance when the other tunnel entrance was staring her in the face, because she was sucked into the wrong entrance at our Regionals group practice on Wednesday, but she got it right away yesterday! Tomorrow we're going to run half of a Standard course from last year's Nationals, and the next time after that we're going to practice threadles and not taking whatever obstacle is in front of her. Yes, I plan ahead! :)

Just because I will be busy with Mika doesn't mean that I won't find time for Wall-e! I work him mostly when Mika is sleeping, like half an hour ago, when we worked on his running contacts. We haven't trained running contacts in forever. We're using the regulation-size wooden teeter plank now instead of the metal mini-teeter plank, because the regulation-size is, well, regulation-size. I want to start training his dog walk at the field soon, so we'll have to practice on a plank that's close to the size of a real dog walk.

I wasn't counting the reps, but I'm guessing we did about 7 and I know for sure that he missed 3 of them. We'll work on it :) The plank is still flat on the ground, no angle to it yet.

Mika and Wall-e are both sleeping now. That's when I do homework and/or go on the computer -- when they're sleeping.


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