Saturday, May 2, 2009

Running A-frame

After watching the video clips taken yesterday of Mika and Wall-e's running A-frames, I've decided that they need a bit of work. (Yes, I've just started to re-train Mika's A-frame. More formal re-training will begin after the Regionals.) I used a jump grid, developed by Rachel Sanders to use with her "Reliable Running A-frames" box method, to see if Mika would be able to have 3 strides on the A-frame instead of the 5 strides she has now.

See this 4 Dog Craziness post to watch a video clip of the jump grid we did (the only change is that instead of the A-frame PVC box, I used two jump bars).

Mika bounced jumped everything. So...she technically CAN do a 3 stride A-frame. Notice I said "technically." Whether that will happen remains to be seen :)


(Wow, I've been blogging a lot today.)

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