Friday, May 15, 2009


Mika got a haircut at the groomer's yesterday! I took some photos but I haven't uploaded them onto the computer yet. The groomer cut her beard a bit shorter this time. She looks cute. I personally prefer her beard a bit longer but my mom likes it short, and I guess it's a nice summer clip. She'll look spiffy and sporty for her professional action photos at Regionals!

She's lost quite a bit of weight too, which is a very good thing. She weighs 12 lbs (and she's 13" high at the withers, a.k.a. top of the shoulders). Perfect!! I've always struggled with her weight a bit, as she gets overweight very easily, but I've finally been getting it under control. I'll post photos later.

About agility -- I've really really been looking forward to Regionals. I think we may be ready.



  1. We're getting excited for you! Can't wait to hear all about your experience!