Friday, May 8, 2009

Mika update

Just a quick update on how we've been doing with Mika's drive to play agility. (This update won't be as long as the last post, don't worry!)

The only agility we've done since the last post is 1 set of 12 weaves. I moved the weaves to a different location of the yard for variety, and set the spacing to 20" instead of 18" (because we'll be seeing 20" spacing at Regionals).

Mika was nice and fast through the weaves, definitely back to her normal speed! She had a couple of stumbles in her footwork at the beginning of the set as she figured out the 20" spacing, but at the end of the set she opened up and seemed to be more comfortable in the wider spacing.

Trial tomorrow, just 1 run (Advanced Gamblers). It'll be our last trial before Regionals! My have fun!