Saturday, May 16, 2009

More Agility training

We went to the field this morning for some more training, getting ready for Regionals (which is in only 2 weeks!). We haven't done agility since Wednesday so I decided that we could do a bit more than usual this time. I set up a sequence from the Backyard Dogs article in the May issue of Clean Run magazine. (For those of you who subscribe, I think it was obstacles #6 to #10 from Fig. 3.) Mika went off course (completely my fault!), taking a jump instead of the tunnel, and therefore had a few more mistakes; we ended up finishing a totally improvised sequence, that was a lot harder than the original one! :o Silly girl. She did do a REALLY nice jump wrap though, in our improvised sequence. We tried the sequence again, this time with me leading out to do a front cross as she took off over the first jump, and we ran it perfectly and fast.

Then we tried some distance work. First I sent Mika over a jump and into a tunnel from about maybe 17 or 18 feet away. The first time she didn't know where to go, but the second time she ran into the tunnel confidently.

Then I sent her into a different tunnel and onto the dog walk, with me about 15 feet away from the dog walk at a lateral distance. She was amazing, Perfect! She didn't hesitate as she ran out of the tunnel and towards the dog walk, finding the dog walk entry on an angle, then racing across the entire obstacle, hitting the yellow at the end.

And now it's raining, and both dogs are sound asleep. It's one of those rainy days where you just feel like doing nothing. Well, it'll be good for our grass in the backyard, which has a lots of completely dead, brown patches.



  1. It sounds like training is going really well. Good for you. Diana