Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wall-e's agility classes

I haven't talked about Wall-e's novice agility classes for a while...they finished last week.

4th class: His weaves (channel open at about 6") were really nice and fast! He was single-striding pretty good too! He 2-strided his A-frame again. He seems to prefer that so that's what I'll encourage him to do in the future. Then we worked on distance exercises, from up to about 8' lateral distance. Wall-e actually did better than I expected, especially after putting a target at the end of the exercise so he knew where to go. The exercises were all jump-tunnel-jump.

5th class: Ran a sequence with tunnels, jumps, and a set of 6 weaves. Wall-e was having a lot of trouble with rear crosses at tunnels -- since this is something I tend to use a LOT when running courses, we'll have to work on it!

6th (and last) class: It was a nice day, so we went outside for the first time and ran a Jumpers sequence (level: Starters or Advanced). Good boy Wall-e! Again, he got confused with the rear crosses at tunnels, but he was fast. He still needs to be baby-sat at the jumps, because he'll pass if it I'm ahead of it. He also broke about maybe a third of his stays. Must remember to look back as I'm leading out!



  1. Sounds like Wall-E's training is coming along well. Mika better watch out LOL!!!
    Glad to hear you are having so much fun woith his training. Keep up the good work.

    Tina and Mulligan

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  3. Thanks, Wall-e is tons of fun!

    Thanks for the award :)