Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wall-e's weaves update

Quick update:

I was going to keep the weaves open at 10" for a while, then realized that he'll be weaving 6" wide poles at classes, so I want him to be used to that. I don't like to practice things at classes that we haven't practiced at home already if I can help it, becauste class is such a stimulating environment already that I want the exercises to be fairly easy for him.

The first eight poles of the weaves are now open at 6" now, and the last four poles are open at 8". If I have all the poles at 6" he'll pop out or run by the poles altogether, so I guess he's not ready to have all the poles at 6" yet. He single-strides through the 6" poles and simply gallops through the 8" poles. I love watching him single-stride, it's just beautiful.

(We don't do a lot of reps -- just two to three per session, and probably a session every couple of days. No need to rush.)



  1. We got the tune for Wall-e as he does the weaves. Song to Johnny Be Good.

    There is a little sheltie up in Canada
    He go through the weaves like a real pro
    All the little girl dogs bark and swoon
    As they all watch him do the weaves real fast

    They bark "Go, Go Wall-e Go.
    They bark "Go, Go Wall-e Go.
    Wall-e be good.

  2. lol, what a great song!! Haha, I love it! :D