Saturday, April 25, 2009

Video of agility and The Single-Striding Sheltie :)

My little guy really is single-striding! As you can see in the video, he wasn't completely single-striding when the channel was 6" open (he single-strided the last 3 poles in the first rep), but after I decreased the channel them to 4" he single-strided the whole second half of the weaves. He really seemed to get it at the end of the channel.

I've decided to stick with the single-striding -- if he can single-stride these weaves that have a weave spacing of 22", then I'm sure he'll be able to single-stride weaves with a spacing of 18" or 20" that we have at trials. I've never seen weaves that are spaced more than 20" around here. So, single-striding it is! Since they're stick-in-the-ground poles I changed the weave spacing to 18" to help him single-stride easier. I also opened the channel to 10" because after I put the camera away, he started having trouble with the 4" spacing (popping out and running around the weaves), and because I don't want to stress his joints too much...single-striding is stressful on the body, and he's still young. He turns 11 months old next week, on the 29th.

We went to the field today too, and we had so much fun! Mika was really really happy. I'm sure she's absolutely thrilled that the field is open. She was even more happy today than on Thursday, and was working really hard too. She was GRUNTING with excitement as she was going through the weaves! Silly schnauzer!



  1. We are so glad Mika loves the weaves and Wall-e is doing well with the Single-Stride.

    Essex & Deacon

  2. They both sure looked like they were having fun!

    I love when dogs grunt/bark in the weaves :) (neither of mind do that)

  3. Great job! They both look so happy. Diana

  4. Both Mika and Wall-e look so happy. I just love the way Wall-e single striding through the channel. Great Job!