Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mika's AAC agility trial Apr. 10, 09

Mika impressed me with her distance with this run, both in the gambles and in the opening! (At one point of the run she raced ahead of me to take two extra jumps.) My super-sensitive girl is getting so much more confident! And, she got the gamble (with a TEETER in it, which had me worried for a second before I realized that Mika has awesome distance skills with the teeter), earning us a 1st place and Q. :D



  1. WOW! Nice job!! I love how she thinks about it and then runs straight out to the teeter. Congrats on your first Advanced Gamblers Q!

  2. Way to go Mika. We are so ha for you.

    Essex & Deacon

  3. Thanks! Yep, she wasn't sure at the beginning but then she was like, "Oh the teeter? Why didn't you say so!"

    Thanks Diana, Essex & Deacon!