Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mika's AAC agility trial Apr. 18, 09

Lots of fun! NQ, NQ, and another NQ, but her speed was incredible, the same (or maybe even better overall) as our March trial!

I had to lead out for all three of the runs because I had to front cross in each of the courses right at the beginning.

Her weaves were awesome, I was surprised and really happy -- she didn't pop either set of weaves, and she got her entry both times! Her dog walk was great too at this trial, I handled the contact a bit (pointed at the yellow) which helped her know that she had to hit it instead of flying over just above the yellow :) We need to work on 270's, there were two of them this weekend and she had no idea what to do.

I honestly don't mind the off-courses. Honestly. I'm absolutely amazed with her speed! Her reckless take-whatever-obstacle-I-see is, in my opinion, a lot better than running at the speed she was running at last year. After five months of rewarding for off-courses and convincing her that she can never make a mistake, her confidence has increased a LOT. YES!



  1. Those were a bunch of very technical courses on Saturday. Once in a while I'll see a course that technical, but to have so many like that all on the same day, yowzers! It was pretty crazy. But fun of course.

    "We need to work on 270's, there were two of them this weekend and she had no idea what to do." - Ditto for Walter and me.

    With Mika's speed having increased so much, it may take some mileage to fine tune your timing for the new Mika. Almost like running a completely different dog!

    You honestly have the best attitude when it comes to agility and your dogs. A lot of people could learn from that.

  2. Good for you guy and she was very fast! Diana

  3. with confidence comes speed- that is great that Mika is getting there! I too would rather have a few off courses, than a dog who is nervous in the ring. Go Mika!

  4. Cool video! The two of you clearly enjoyed ourselves!! :)

  5. LOL, I'm glad the Masters courses won't be that technical all the time. I'll be so happy when we get a nice course with lots of straight lines! :) I completely agree that Mika is a totally different dog. She's a lot more fun to run, but now I have to give her my cues two obstacles earlier than I did before (which I just realized yesterday in a turning exercise that we did)! I'll have to make sure to give her turning cues a lot earlier than I'm used to. Her commitment point has changed completely. Not that I mind :) it's all fun!

    Thanks a lot Lisa. I try to see the best in everything. I've been extremely, extremely lucky with Mika lately, and I'm so grateful for that. :)

    Thanks Diana, manymuddypaws, and Josh and Jess! We both really did have a blast!