Friday, November 28, 2008

Wall-e's baby teeth

Wall-e still has a couple of baby teeth left -- his "canines". His adult teeth are actually starting to come in over them, especially his left adult canine, which is about half way in. But, his right baby canine is getting looser every day. We're giving him lots of things to chew on, like chew toys and rawhides (always under supervision). Hopefully those baby teeth will fall out soon! If they're not out by a month or so, we'll probably have them pulled, but I'm sure they'll be out by then



  1. Yes, keep your eyes on tug games, wiggle them if he'll let you. You don't want his adult canines to come in crooked...he's too cute to have bad teeth!

    Take care, Kim

  2. Thanks -- actually, one of them fell out today! (I'll probably write about that tomorrow.)