Tuesday, November 11, 2008

And now...a loooong winter!

It was the last trial of the year for us yesterday. (I'll talk about how we did in another post, as I'm at school right now and have to go to class soon!) For us, our agility training season is only about six months long, and the rest of the year we have to make due with a few trips to an indoor arena, which is pretty far so we can't go often. We also do a little bit of training in our basement and in the backyard, but there's barely any room to do real sequences or even small exercises. Soon enough we'll be itching to run again! Still, it's always good to let Mika's body rest for a bit over the winter.

Our next trial will be sometime in March...wow, that seems so far away! But we'll manage...and I'll continue to post here regularly, don't worry.

Our puppy, Wall-e, will be coming later this week...excitement!!


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