Monday, November 24, 2008

Stays getting better!

"I'm trying to sleep!" Cute and cuddly in Mika's donut bed.

Hanging out in the mini tunnel.

Wall-e has definitely been improving in his Stays. I can place a treat on the ground in front and him, and where before he would break his Stay 80% of the time to try to get the treat, now he only breaks his Stay 20% of the time! We'll continue practicing this every day until he never breaks his Stay, even if there is a whole pile of treats staring him in the face.

Also, he can now Stay for 45 seconds, which is what he'll have to do at the end of his beginner obedience classes -- which haven't even started yet! (They're starting this weekend, but only the humans are supposed to come, not the dogs. The "real" classes, with the dogs, will start the week after.)

Good boy!


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  1. What a good boy! (He does love his 80% success is pretty good!)