Saturday, November 15, 2008


On Thursday, November 13, we brought Wall-e into the family. Wall-e is a 5 1/2 month old male Shetland Sheepdog (sheltie). What an amazing puppy, so attentive and well-behaved!

It took him no time at all to learn the hand signal for Sit, and now he pretty much knows Here (come) and Watch Me already! He even followed Mika through a 4 foot long play tunnel in the backyard, and he followed her over jump bars lying on the ground. When Mika was chasing him and playing with him yesterday, he ZOOMED through the tunnel four times, wow!! What an amazing boy!! He also followed Mika onto the teeter board (which we'd laid on the ground) and climbs all over it for fun.

His breeder had crate trained him already which is great, and he sometimes pops into his crate on his own, wanting treats! After a couple hours of playing and hanging out with us, he starts getting sleepy, so I put him in his crate with a nice yummy treat and he dozes off right away. (He's actually sleeping in his crate as I type this.)

Unlike Mika, who hates the rain, Wall-e doesn't mind the rain at all! He acts as if the rain isn't even there, except for a couple of body shakes to get the water droplets off his fur. Mika on the other hand, doesn't go out in the rain unless she REALLY has to go to the bathroom!

When Wall-e is outside and hears cars or new noises, his ears perk up and he stops what he's doing, and follows to movement of the car with his head. He's used to living in the countryside, so I guess cars are new to him!

He went to the vet yesterday for a routine exam and his third set of vaccinations. He was so polite on the exam table, and even relaxed and lay down after the vet was finished with him! The vet commented on what a nice puppy he was, and what beautiful teeth and coat he has. :) He even gave him a rubber bone-shaped chew toy made by the KONG company that can be stuffed with treats. (He gave us one for Mika too, so she wouldn't feel left out!)

Wonderful little dog. Here are some photos of Wall-e:

What a sweet face!

Looking into the distance through the tire (that thing in the corner)

I love this close-up shot...he looks so beautiful.

Now here are some photos of the places we went to socialize him yesterday:

The pet supply store

The lake

The vet's

Still at the vet's -- he loves to rest his head on my shoulder!


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  1. Beautiful pictures Natasha! It sounds like his training is going well!!! Look forward to hearing of his progress.

    Take care...hugs for Wall-e