Friday, November 21, 2008

It's time... begin Wall-e's agility training!

Well, not really agility training; basic agility training. Just playing around with a few things -- tunnel, jumps with bars on the ground, galloping across the teeter board while touching the contact. I won't raise the bars on the jumps at all until Wall-e is about 9 months old (I'll raise them to 6" then), as jumping is very stressful on puppies' growing joints and bones.

My goal for Wall-e is to train him to eventually be a happy, fast, confident agility dog who tries his best to follow my directions. I don't expect to create a "perfect dog". After all, there is no perfect dog. But, I will do everything I can to train him to be a good little worker. I mainly want him to have FUN!

For now, all of his agility training will be focused on building drive and motivation, and having fun! When the agility field opens in April (he'll be 11 months old then), and it starts getting nice outside again, we'll begin some more formal agility training.

Of course, I won't stop with his foundation training, which is essential for a good agility dog! My main focus will still be building his foundation, not his agility training. Basic obedience, flatwork, and other fun stuff will be our main priority until he's grown up.


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