Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ears and teeth

I found two very nice surprises when I came home from school yesterday!

My mom picked me up from school, with Mika and Wall-e in their crates in the back. I noticed Wall-e's left ear right away -- it was up! The tips of his ears had been glued to the hair in front of the ears for the past two weeks (to get that nice sheltie tip), and sometime yesterday while I was at school, the tip of his left ear must have finally separated from the hair. His right ear was almost up too but not quite, so when we got home I gently teased away the hairs stuck together by the dried glue. I then trimmed away all the gluey hair and neatened up his ears just a bit. I still have to take some of the glue off that's still stuck onto the tips, but I'll do that later. What beautiful ears he has, with perfect 1/3 tips

I then decided to check his teeth to see how those two baby teeth were doing. And, I immediately saw that his left baby tooth was gone!

You can see that his adult canine tooth is almost completely grown in.

Last but not least, today Wall-e is 6 months old! Happy birthday little man!


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