Thursday, November 13, 2008

Agility trial November 9, 2008

So here it is, the video from our trial on Sunday:

I was really happy with my girl! No Q, but Mika had a huge amount of fun. She was really happy during both runs! I think moving her to Specials did a great deal with increasing her confidence over the jumps. At this trial, she jumped really nicely, flat, without hesitating like she did over the 16" jumps. We'll Q, I know we will. We have the whole next year of competing in Masters to get Q's. Of course, Q's aren't what this sport is really about. I realized at this trial that I really don't run only for Q' least, not completely. I mainly run for connect with my share a great moment on course. Mika and I, we love a fun, fast challenge, and agility is the perfect challenge for us.

I was REALLY happy with her teeter and dog walk at this trial!! She went on the teeter at a nice distance from me, and then raced right up the end of the teeter board to wait for it to tip -- exactly what I want her to do!! Her dog walk was nice too, fast, and she hit the contact point perfectly!

Great job Mika!



  1. Hey, good for you for reading your dog and doing what you feel is best for her by putting her in specials. Walter is in specials too because I didn't like the thought of the extra wear and tear on him from jumping 4" higher since a dog does a whole lot of jumps over the course of their agility career. Mika looks really happy over the 10" jumps.

    I like how you continued with the Jumpers course after she went into the other end of the tunnel. I try to remind myself not to "fix" things like that since really, what is it accomplishing other than potentially demotivating the dog, and in my case it's 99 to 1 that my body language was to blame for the "mistake" anyway.

    Seems you have a really healthy attitude about Qs/NQs etc. I agree, Qs are definitely nice to get especially when it was a smooth, flowing, happy run that earned it, but they aren't the be all and end all. I've seen a lot of non-qualifying runs that were beautiful save for one little bobble.

    Enjoy your winter with Mika and your new little bundle of puppy joy!

  2. Exactly, Mika is only 13" so she just makes it into 16". It's kind of weird that she has no problem jumping 16" outdoors on grass, but when she jumps indoors on dirt, she hesitates. Maybe because she doesn't train indoors, I don't know, but since most of our trials are indoors I think it's best for her to have an easier time jumping 10" instead of 16".

    I can't believe I actually FINALLY remembered to keep going when Mika went in the wrong end of that tunnel -- I usually always fix things by habit! :D I just realized that it actually was my fault, though, that she went in the wrong end. I cued her much too late for the right entrance...oh well, we learn from our mistakes! (most of the time, anyway!)

    I try to keep things in perspective...and remember what's really important. And yep, lots of NQ'ing runs are brilliant, like those amazing runs that are perfect except for one knocked bar!

    Thanks! :) Little Wall-e boy is so beautiful and has such a great personality. I'll have so much fun with him! Watch out for some cute pictures ;) I hope you'll have a great winter too!!