Friday, June 26, 2009

Wall-e's weaves update

I've been working on Wall-e's weaves every day. I've had the channels at 3" for a couple of weeks now. He's still single-striding! The only problem is that he always crosses over his paws at least once throughout the channels. (He's gone through one channel without crossing over his feet, but that was a couple weeks ago, and he hasn't done it since.) So to help him with his striding, I've begun to introduce him to WAM's (weave-a-matics). I found this photo on Google Images to show the non-agility readers what WAM's are:

The only difference is that the ones I set up are stick-in-the-ground, and I use 12 instead of 6. WAM's are supposed to help dogs with their single-striding. Right now, since I'm still getting him used to the WAM's (which he's never used before), my WAM's are more like a hybrid of channels and WAM's. They're like WAM's in the sense that they're slanted, but they're like channels too because they have a 2" channel between them, to help Wall-e get familiar with the WAM's. I'll decrease the channel a couple more times by 1" each session, until they become real WAM's.

I actually started off with the WAM's at a 45 degree angle, but after our last session (which went great!!) I changed the angle to what it is in the photo. Wall-e hasn't tried them out yet with this harder angle, but we'll see how he does with it later today.



  1. I taught both my shelties with WAM's but they never single strided them. I wouldnt worry to much about the foot crosses every once in a while. I think it will correct itself. Diana

  2. Okay, thanks, I hope so! :)