Monday, June 29, 2009

Mika's CKC agility trial June 28, 2009

Intermediate JWW #1 - NQ

This was our fastest run! We had so much fun with this run. Mika had so much drive and enthusiasm.

Novice Standard - Q, 1st place, AGN title!

Another very fun run! (Even though I told sent Mika onto the table after the dog walk when she was supposed to turn right over the jump....) Great contacts in this run. Fast chute too, even though in CKC the chute is 12 feet long, which she isn't used to. My handling was horrid in this run, but like always, Mika rose above my handling and got her AGN (Agility Novice) title! Yes, Mika was still in Novice in CKC because there are only 2 CKC trials a year in our area.

Intermediate JWW #2 - NQ

Really nice weaves! Even though this run wasn't perfect, Mika tried her hardest, and it was getting hot so I really can't blame her for the mistakes.

Love my girlie.


  1. Well done! I've never done CKC but seem to recall hearing that their courses tend to be more technical than AAC?

  2. Congrats!! Boy was Mika fast. Diana

  3. Thanks! Well we haven't done much CKC (this was only our fourth CKC trial), and this was our first time running in Intermediate...but I did notice that the Intermediate JWW courses, which would be Advanced Jumpers in AAC, were more technical than the average Adv. Jumpers course. The CKC Novice courses that we've run in the past seemed to be the same difficulty as AAC Starters courses. It'd be interesting to take out all my course maps and compare CKC Intermediate and Excellent courses with AAC Advanced and Masters courses!

    Thanks Diane, Mika was a fast pupper!


  4. You guys looked so great out there - Mika was fast, fast fast!!! Congrats on your title and your awesome runs!