Saturday, June 13, 2009

2009 AAC Regionals

Yes, I finally wrote a post about Regionals, even though it is two weeks late!

We had three awesome days at Regionals. It was so much fun to run Mika, hang out with both dogs, and watch lots of runs! My friend Ashley came all the way from Florida to visit us, thanks Ashley -- it was awesome! So much fun, you HAVE to come again!


So the Friday of Regionals, we had our warm-up run. It had been raining previously so the contacts were REALLY slippery. Every dog that I saw who went on all three contacts fell off at least one of them. Yes, I'm serious! So for Mika's safety, I just did tunnels.


On Saturday we had Standard #1, Jumpers #1, and Gamblers #1. Saturday was a bit of a "messy day" because of our weird Standard and Gamblers runs. Our Standard run was VERY unorganized, thanks to my bad handling...I sent her off-course twice, and it was just generally a really strange run. She did have an awesome teeter and weaves though, and sent into the tunnel after the weaves beautifully as I ran into position after the tunnel

Our Jumpers #1 run was great! -- if it was a real trial, it would have been our first Masters Q!! 7th place!

In our Gamblers #1 run, Mika was kind of acting "off" and was a bit distracted, not really into it, and I also didn't hear the buzzer for the main gamble.


On Sunday...what an awesome day! Jumpers #2, Gamblers #2, and Standard #2. Our Jumpers #2 run was a blast, very fast, just one knocked bar (Mika's once-in-a-lifetime bar!). Mika was at her best, and in a great "agility mood!"

Then Gamblers #2... OH. MY. GOSH. I am still in awe and shock...Mika got the main gamble, PERFECTLY!! Yes, a Masters gamble with a send to an off-side weave entry!!! And there were TWELVE poles, and she didn't pop!! :D :D SO proud of my girlie, can't even describe!!! 6th place!

At that point, we needed about 45 more points to qualify for Nationals. There was one run left -- Standard #2. Let's see what happened...

Well, it had been crazy weather all weekend (in summary...lots of rain, wet, puddles, and hail, yes, HAIL). Sunday was no exception. It was pouring and freezing cold when Standard #2 began. If the rain had kept up, Mika might not have ran (this is one dog who really hates the rain and the wet!). But, the rain stopped, less than five minutes before our run!! (Thank you God!) It was still really cold and wet, though. Luckily I had some home-cooked salmon from Lynn (thank you!!) to motivate Mika. She loved that salmon!! I stuffed a nice big piece into her mouth just before we stepped into the ring, and she ran, what a special dog to brave the wet and run for me. 3rd place too...not that it's the placement that matters, it really doesn't matter to me...I was just so amazed at Mika!

Overall, we got 6th place overall in 10" Specials (20 dogs total), and qualified for Nationals!!! It was our first time at Regionals, but Mika ran so, so well, and I was thrilled with her!! Couldn't be more proud of my girl <3


  1. Great job! Congrats!! Love the pictures of you and your friend, they are great. Diana

  2. Thanks Diana! I love the photos too, and so does Ashley.


  3. Congrats again. You two looked like a great team out there. Or perhaps, a dream team? Your blog is well named! :-)

  4. Congratulations Nat and Mika!!! You two were awesome and it's so great that you made it into Nationals on your first try! You and Mika as a team really inspire us! Way to go!!!!

  5. GREAT JOB!!! That was a great gamble!!!