Saturday, June 20, 2009

My little girl has so much drive!

We just came back from the field not too long ago, and WOW, Mika had so much drive today! We practiced the A-frame with stride regulators, and a distance exercise with a 90 degree on-side weave entry (12 poles). She was zooming through the whole exercise, like really ZOOMING!

I'm feeling very proud of myself now! :) The whole time we trained today, I never unintentionally told Mika that she was wrong, not once! When we practiced the A-frame (two reps) I sent her into a tunnel before the A-frame to get some speed on the A-frame... She went into the wrong end of the tunnel both times, but I quickly adjusted to get into position to run ahead of the A-frame even though she went in the wrong end. And in the distance/weave exercise (again, 2 reps), she entered at the 2nd pole of the weaves both reps and popped at the 11th pole both reps (because she had a wrong entry), but I threw her food tube for her both times! (
They were awesomely fast weaves, by the way) Very happy with myself right now, which doesn't happen often...I sometimes worry that I stress Mika, but today, I didn't do anything to make her stress!! :D

I'm not worried about her wrong weave entry, even though she never did get it today. I stopped after 2 reps even though she never got it right (but she doesn't know her mind, everything she does is right!), sticking to my rule of no more than 2 reps, just like I stuck to my rule of never letting Mika know that she made a mistake. Mika isn't the best at 90 degree on-side entries, because when I trained her weaves two and a half years ago (using hand gestures to direct her through straight poles) I only trained 0 degree, or straight, entries. So when we encounter 90 degree (or more) on-side entries, I try to handle the entry for Mika and push her out to help her get the entry from an easier angle. Today I didn't push her out enough, so that's why she didn't get her entry. Completely my fault! (As it always is)

Wall-e's fun match is tomorrow. In his first run, I'm planning on just training his teeter, since it's a great quality teeter at this venue. In his second run, we'll run the jumps and tunnels on the Standard course, skipping all the other obstacles since I haven't fully trained all his obstacles yet.



  1. Its great when things go as planned and we stick to our plan. That can be hard to do when things arent correct. Good for you. Diana

  2. Sounds like a terrific practice! Hope Wall-e's fun match goes well!

  3. Thanks, I agree Diana, it can be really hard!

    Wall-e's fun match went beautifully!