Friday, June 19, 2009

Get the paper

About an hour ago I taught Mika how to fetch a few sheets of the newspaper (rolled up into a skinny cylinder). I love teaching Mika tricks, she's SO enthusiastic! She learned the trick in only less than a minute. I say "Get the paper!" as I throw the paper about 10 feet away from me. She races after it, sometimes barking as she grabs the paper in her mouth, then gallops back to me, very happy!!



  1. So now you also have a paperdog :o)


  2. Awesome! My family had a lab that learned to fetch the paper as a puppy - first thing in the morning he would run down the driveway (pretty long way since my parents live kind of in the country), pick up the paper, and come proudly running back to the house. It was his job before breakfast and he always did it - rain or shine! My dad was so proud of that dog!