Sunday, June 6, 2010

Wall-e's first trial

This dog is absolutely incredible!!!

It was cold and RAINING, but once we stepped into the ring, Wall-e didn't mind! We just did one Starters Jumpers, at 10". He zoomed off the start and kept most of the speed for the rest of the run! Our only bobble was 2 missed jumps at the very end of the course that I accidentally pulled him off of, but he was really amazing and I was thrilled!!

It was a perfect beginning and I can't wait to continue! Will post the video this week, hopefully!


  1. Awesome, Nat!!! Good to hear that Wall-e did so well and was so focused and confident!

  2. ALL RIGHT, way to go Wall-E and Nat, I am so glad it went so wonderfully, CONGRATS, you guys have worked hard and Wall-E is amazing!