Thursday, June 24, 2010

Great training session!

I've probably been writing too much about training the past few day...but I think it really helps to keep a record of sessions :)

Wall-e and I back-chained from the horizontal plank of the dog walk today. I moved the target closer to the contact because yesterday he was stopping in 4onthefloor sometimes (the target was a bit too far away). I love his 2on2off performance! He stops just at the right spot, eats his food, then shifts his weight to his rear as he looks at me for his next instruction. If I asked, he would also give a nose-touch to the target. I'm using a big yellow target for visibility, but when I eventually start fading it, I'll use a clear target.

After 4 reps of DW back-chaining, I set him up to run a sequence. At first, instead of taking the first obstacle staring him in the face, a set of 6 weaves, he turned away from me to run up the DW! All this DW back-chaining has gotten him LOVING that obstacle! We tried again and this time he did the weaves wonderfully. There was a set of 6 weaves and then a set of 8 weaves, about six feet in front of the first set, requiring the dog to collect quickly to enter the second set. Wall-e got it, WOW!! The rest of the sequence went great too, he was running really well!


  1. cooool
    keep up the great work :D

    El'bow & Hauwii

  2. I think it is cool everything is going so well, and it is exciting when things just start to fall together, and it sure sounds like it is at your house! Good job sounds like some EXCELLENT progress and sounds like you AND Wall-E have been working hard!

  3. Please keep recording the sessions and practice and everything. We've learned a lot from your blog...Thanks

  4. Good job Nat! Sounds like Wall-e is really coming along and getting everything with so much speed too!