Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Finished back-chaining!

As of today, we're all done back-chaining the dog walk! We still have to increase the distance/speed that Wall-e is approaching the DW at, and fade the target, but blah blah blah....It feels good that we're done back-chaining and that Wall-e knows how to control his body to stop at high speed!

When we went to the field yesterday we saw that somebody had set up a Starters Jumpers-type course and left the numbered cones! Wall-e and I ran it clean, and very quickly, yesterday (it was a rush!), and today we ran it in reverse. We had a bit of trouble with missed jumps, a refusal at the tunnel, and off-courses, probably because I set the jumps at 6" today, while yesterday they were at 10". I have to remember that Wall-e is still green; I have to run fast and cue extension, while not getting too far ahead of him.

After that, tunnel sends. No refusals in any of the 4 reps.


  1. Can't wait to see video of Wall-e's whole Dog Walk!

  2. Me too! Can't wait to see the videos...

  3. How exciting Wall-E seems to just be going through a learning BURST! How exciting, cant wait for video!

  4. ooh superrr
    wanna see it

    El'bow & Hauwii

  5. Great DW news!!! I am also looking forward to seeing the finished product!