Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dog walk/agility update

Yay Wall-e! Today we back-chained from the part of the dog walk where the horizontal plank connects with the down plank. He had better speed than yesterday!

After that, we ran a flowing sequence and then trained more tunnel sends, and also a bit of jump wrapping. Like the DW, he had better speed today than yesterday.

Mika's shoulder seems to be much better; yesterday, while dinner was being made and she was waiting around for food to drop, she lifted up her front right paw a couple times, like a pointer. (She often does that when she's eagerly waiting for something.) That meant that she was voluntarily putting weight on her left shoulder...a good sign! Today at the field I let her chase her food tube around. She had fun; I could tell because of all the barking!!


  1. whooo hoooo! good news about Mika's shoulder, and GOOD GOING WALL-E, what a smart doggie!! (with a great trainer!)

  2. Im glad she is doing better. Yea Wall-e! Diana

  3. Yay! Glad to hear that Mika's shoulder is getting better. What a relief! WALL-E, you're so clever!!!