Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Quick update on the Training Levels that we're working through. We've been working on Zen a lot lately, every day. Zen is training for self-control -- basically, you start off by holding a treat in your closed fist and waiting until the dog stops licking your fist, scratching at it, nudging it, etc. and either just stares at it or looks away. I've worked Zen before with both my dogs, but they haven't done it in so long that it's a good thing to refresh.



  1. The Zen thing is impossible to do around here because my dad ENCOURAGES Marge to paw and sniff at his hand in a version of "which hand has it." Oh well - she's afraid of him, so it's one of the few times they have a positive interaction with each other.

  2. I think the Zen is so good, that self control is a good thing, hummm, maybe I should practice Zen on myself!

  3. Maybe mom will start making me go through the levels since she keeps reading such positive stuff about them (from you and Kathy). I think I am a good boy now and I'm not sure I want to have to be a better boy! :)