Friday, December 18, 2009

Heeling "the Silvia way"

Wall-e loves heeling!! He has the cutest little prance and flings his front feet up high as he trots beside me. I was re-reading Silvia Trkman's page (for the thousandth time!) about tricks on her site. The parts about training the "prancing" kind of heeling, where the dog lifts his/her legs up really high while heeling, inspired me to do some more heeling with The W. He already has a nice prance, but he could lift his legs up even higher. I did as Silvia suggested, slowing down my pace, then marking and rewarding when he slows down and lifts his legs up higher as he does so. He's such a cute little guy. He has this intense stare as he heels.



  1. Cool, Nat! I prance but not when I heel and I don't like to look up at mom either. I'd love to see a video of Wall-e doing his fancy heeling! Hint, hint! Thanks for the reminder about the tricks article on Sylvia's site. We go there a lot too but have forgotten about that article.

  2. How cool, I am going to have to look at how she teaches heeling more, she is such an awesome trainer!!! You guys sound like you have been busy with a lot of training, yea!!!

  3. LOL Ricky, hmm, maybe I'll have to take more video of Wall-e's training! ;)

    Silvia is awesome, she's one of the main people whose methods I follow :D

  4. That sounds really cool, and yes, I'd love to see a video!