Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A year ago today

December 29, which is today, was the last day I blogged last year:

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Wall-e looked so little! (He was 7 months old at the time.)


  1. Wall-e sure has matured over the past year!

    What I love most about my own blog is looking back at past posts and seeing how much the dogs have changed and reflecting on what we have accomplished (especially the little things we tend to forget).

    Happy New Year!

  2. Time flies, doesn't it? My blog will be one year old next month - feels like I just started yesterday!

  3. Wall-e was so little last year - hard to believe how time flies!

  4. Time flies so fast! Wall-e is now a beautiful big boy instead of a beautiful little boy :o)

    Happy New Year :o)


  5. You know it is such a mixed thing with puppies, they are so cute and so much fun when they are little, and then it is so much fun when they are big kids and getting to do agility and you get to see what great guys they turn out to be. It is just so amazing how time flies and how soon it seems they are grown. Wall-E was so cute as a pup and what a great guy he has turned out to be, looks like you have done such an excellent job-and he seems like such an excellent boy! You have an aweful cute little pack, hope all have a terrific New Years!

  6. Happy New Year Nat, Wall-e and Mika. I have enjoyed reading, and seeing, the changes over the year.