Thursday, September 3, 2009

The sheep face-off!

Wall-e staring those sheep right in the face.

Wall-e had his very first try at herding on Tuesday. (It was a herding instinct test.) Even though he's small he still got them to respect him! He definitely has herding instinct :D For the first 15 minutes, at least! After that he got tired and was more interested in trying to get the Border Collie to play. (The BC completely ignored him and just wanted to herd "his" sheep!) But at the beginning of the instinct test, Wall-e was chasing those sheep and having a lot of fun. He started off with some lambs and eventually moved to the whole flock. For his first time I think he did really good! We'll try it again in the spring, and this time I'll make sure to only let him go for about 10 minutes, so he doesn't get completely tired out.



  1. It's very cool that Wall-e got to try out herding! Did you get some video?

  2. Awesome, looks like you'll have lots of fun learning to herd sheep! And what an excellent picture.

  3. We are jealous. Wish there were some Florida sheep down here for us to herd.

    Dog Speed,

    Essex & Deacon