Saturday, September 26, 2009

My weird pets

Mika always likes to randomly go in 2o2o on the backyard plank. She'll just be sniffing around the backyard and she'll walk onto the plank and stop in 2o2o. And she hasn't had a 2o2o on the DW in years!

Yes, it's the "scary sheep" again! Shadow doesn't seem to be scared of it at all. In fact, she's rather fond of it and will hop on its back and sit there, calmly looking out at the world.



  1. What does "go 2o2o" mean?

    That picture of Shadow on the sheep is hilarious!

  2. That is so cute! Yesterday I randomly did the weave poles by myself - casually walking through them. Not the best practice for fast weaves, :)

  3. Love that Shadow photo! She looks quite pleased to be sitting up there in the sun, surveying her domain.

    Love the new blog look BTW! (Loved the old one too of course!)

  4. I love the sheep :) I though you said Shadow was an outdoor cat??? Why the leash?