Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wall-e fun match June 26, 2011

Amazing weather today, cool and breezy! I hope it stays like that all summer! (I probably just jinxed it :)

I only ran Wall-e at this fun match. Mika is probably heading into semi-retirement from trials and fun matches (I'll explain that in a future post).

I did run Mika over a few jumps in the practice ring, though, because she just won't settle down until she gets her turn:

With Wall-e, I ran the Advanced Standard course twice. We ran the course mostly as numbered, except that I added an extra jump before the teeter to make the angle less sharp. I really don't want Wall-e to injure himself on a teeter again! I also ran him at 16" because he'll be running 16" at trials from now on. (I've just been running him at 10" to help ease him into the trial atmosphere.)

The first time, he broke his stay, but I kept going. We'll have to work on stays a lot in training. He also lifted his elbows off the table and self-released on the dog walk! I guess I haven't been proofing stays enough. Other than the self-release, his dog walk WAS beautiful, though. I used a target to help him because his DW's weren't so great at his last trial, and I think having the target there really did help. The video of the run is shown below:

I really worked on his stays during our second try at the course. The "judge" (the owner of the facility) suggested that I lead out more confidently, which helped a lot. Thanks Sue! When we finally ran the course, it was beautiful; Wall-e was fast and we ran the course clean. He kept his elbows down on the table too, and didn't self-release on the DW. I also loved how he kind of "pounced" into his 2on2off on the teeter! Run below:


  1. The contacts looked great, you guys did a fantastic job! It looks like a great day! I have been experimenting around with the best way to do the leadout with Cricket, I know Breeze always did best if I lead out without looking back with a lot of confidence, although I know a lot of dogs like you to stay connected with eye contact, I have not totally figured out what Cricket likes best yet.

  2. That second run especially looks great! I loved how he leapt forward to hit the right position on the teeter - and then looked at you all proud. He's so adorable, and your teamwork is lovely!

  3. Impressive. I give it four paws up.


  4. Nice job!! Awesome looking dog walk (:
    I am happy you added "The "judge" (the owner of the facility) suggested that I lead out more confidently, which helped a lot." I have to make sure I try that since CeCe broke a couple startlines last trial. Thanks!