Monday, July 4, 2011

Mika and Wall-e trial July 3, 2011

It was so hot -- 100 degrees F -- but my dogs did well considering.

This was my first time running Steeplechase at a trial, and of course my dogs' first time too!

Wall-e had a good run. I liked his first A-frame. He didn't stop in 2on2off on his second AF, so I asked him to hop in position before going on. Then something happened in the weaves; he started to enter correctly, but didn't collect enough to make the turn to the third pole. I guess we should start concentrating on on-side weave entries in training! :) Video of the run below:

Mika was amazing and driven even though it was so hot! She is a heat-sensitive dog, but the only part of the run where the heat seemed to affect her was at the end, in the weaves (she slowed down just a bit). And I was so happy with her AF; her first true running AF at this venue!! Q and 2nd.


  1. Great job, especially considering the heat, and well done on that Q! :)

  2. Pawsome, especially since it was so hot.

    Weather is hot here too. We are happy that we got rain the last three days.

    Essex & Dog Dad

  3. GREAT job, you guys were flying which is esp impressive with the heat, I am impressed with you running like that in the heat. I know Rachel Sanders and Susan Garrett both say they almost never do any weave training entering in the easy entry slice of ground right in front of the weaves, looked like going into those weaves there was a lot of extension and speed-I know my dogs are working on learning to tap their breaks or dig in to get into the weaves, but there was that tunnel afterward so an even harder skill ;-) with that tunnel calling the dogs names! The on side weaves are the hardest for my dogs for sure. You guys did so good, CONGRATS!.

  4. I tried to comment yesterday but was thwarted. Hopefully I will be able to comment today!

    I wanted to say, Nice job!! I am always so impressed when I see a Schnauzer flying in the heat!

  5. wow that was totally amazing! you did a great job with them! thumbs up for that! thanks for sharing! :D

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