Sunday, June 5, 2011

Our recent training

First off, I wanted to say a big thanks to everyone who gave me advice for our gambling and snookering skills (post here). I've been using everyone's suggestions with Mika during our training this past month!

We have a big trial coming up next weekend. Well, big for Wall-e; he'll be doing five runs for the first time (the most he's ever done at a trial is two, but he's done three at fun matches). 2 Starters Jumpers and 3 Starters Standards. It'll be his first time running in Standard, and his first time doing the A-frame and dog walk at a trial. Looking forward to it!! Mika will be doing a Masters Jumpers and a Masters Gamblers, although I might switch the Gamblers for a Snooker instead. It'll probably be hot next weekend, and I'm sure Mika won't be dying to run a 60-second Gamblers run in the stifling heat.

I've spent the last week preparing Wall-e for his Standard runs. His weaves have been funny lately; he's been popping out halfway through. So I've been training them with guide wires. Here is one of our reps from today (we did three in total, but this was the best):

We also ran a jump/tunnel/AF sequence that we ran on Friday as well. I need to learn how to handle and support my dog; I pulled Wall-e off a few jumps. Here's the sequence; I'd love to hear any suggestions:

I'm really happy with how much his table has improved, though! His elbows actually touch the table now, lol, and he's much more relaxed about it than he used to be (he used to occasionally lick his lips when he got on the table).

Then it was Mika's turn. She didn't get the 90 degree weave entry and she had a bit of trouble with the weaves in general. I don't think she likes the guide wires very much; I won't use them with her next time. On her third and final rep, she entered at the second pole and actually made the effort to weave UNDER all of the guide wires! Poor girl was trying so hard, haha; she weaved under the wires for the first 11 poles, which is when I just threw her food tube because I felt bad for her. But she still had some speedy weaves.

She also did great at the sequence and had a nice AF! We ran the sequence fast and clean.


  1. In that sequence, the biggest thing I noticed is that you rear crossed behind him while telling him "over." I think a verbal for the rear would have worked better, and THEN a verbal "over" command if you think it was necessary.

    Was he supposed to come back in between those two jumps or was he supposed to take it as a 270? If it was supposed to take the 270, it seems like you simply pulled away too soon and didn't keep your arm out.

    His A-Frame looks FANTASTIC.

  2. Bowsers, that looks challangig. Best of luck at the big trial.

    Essex & Dog Dad

  3. in my opinion you put your rear cross in the wrong spot-which may have caused the hesitation. I try to always remember that the cross tells the dog to turn, and they need know before they get there.

    i think he missed the tire because you tried to "flick" him away- and he didn't understand where you wanted him to go. You likely should have been on the other side and then reared the tire?

    also- where you pulled him off the jump after the frame you are actually running bent over, and leaning away- trying to overcompensate for the turn maybe? I think you need to practice running standing up. :)

    his individual obstacles look great though!!! Now you just need to put it all together! :)


  4. Sam -- he was supposed to do a 270. I definitely wasn't supporting him enough! :) Thanks for noting the RC; I haven't trained a RC cue yet, but that's one of my goals for this year. :)

  5. And thanks Amanda for your suggestions as well! I did actually mean to be on the other side, but since I front crossed after that missed jump (the one that was supposed to be part of the 270), that didn't work out.

    And haha, yep, I think I need to just practice my own running without my dogs!

    Thanks for all the advice! :)

  6. Looks good, but just like the other comment I thought he just needed to know about the turn after the tunnel, jump, jump, with a FC a RC so he knew BEFORE he took off for that jump so he could prepare for the turn-I think what would have been BEAUTIFUL is if you sent him into the tunnel and then you moved laterally as soon as you were sure you had tunnel committment and got in place for a front cross on the take off side of that jump-or you could have rear crossed before that jump. after the aframe that is the type of mistake I make all the time, hurrying to get to the next place, you just needed to support it a little more- Maybe turning your shoulders toward that far jump and/or a little arm to support it and let him know you were not leaving without him until he committed to the jump then turn and run. Looks good, you guys ROCK! Love how Happy Wall E is and how he is MOVING! Love how happy he seemed about the table and the huge jack pot it looked like you were giving him, his jumping is also looking great! Kathy with Liz/Breeze/Cricket, who has to sign in on my other blog account for some reason my normal one wont work! ;-)